Offerup is a platform for buying and selling locally in the US. It works like jiji in Nigeria

What you need to know

My location zip code is: 19151. 
Drop Off Location

2800 Fox Street Philadelphia PA 19129

Rate for my Services

Pick-up rate #610/$

Requirement for Pick-up

Name of Pick-up site: Offer-up, Craigslist, 5mile or Facebook market
Your Name on the App
Agreed price with the seller
Agreed Pickup Address with the seller
Item description

Pickup & Gas Charges

Dropoff: $20

10 – 20mins =$30
21 – 30mins =$40
31 – 40mins = $50
50 – 1hr = $70

Delaware : $70
New Jersey fixed rate $70
 due to Tollgate charges

100% charges will be incurred on all failed deal.  

Other Incurred Charges

1. I charge $20 on deal above $500

2. I charge $30 on deal above $999

3. I charge $50 on deal above $1500

4. I charge $100 on deal above $1999


                       Service Agreement

1. Shipping of items is on Fridays and take roughly two weeks to get to Lagos for normal and 3 -6 working days for express

2. Pickup location is Lagos( I also do door to door delivery at additional cost), Outside Lagos also incurred additional cost

3. As a buyer, you must ensure you finalize and agree with the seller. Ask for all useful information that will make the deal smooth and fast. For
example, if you are buying a phone or laptop, ensure u ask for the IMEI number or serial number if necessary.

4. I meet up at public places like Burger King, McDonald’s, Wendy’s, Popeyes, Police station only.

5. Full payment (item price + Pickup fee + shipping cost) before the transaction can pro4

Contact Information and bank Account
Business WhatsApp:
Bank Details
Name: Mayowa Adeyeye
Account number: 0009590002

All Transaction will be carried out with my Nigeria Number.